SOL-CARE® Safety Needle is a device that helps you easily convert from non-safety to safety, protecting healthcare workers from exposed to needlestick injuries. 

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These are some of our Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Easy to use:

1. Peel open and attach the SOL-CARE® Safety Needle to the SOL-M® Luer Lock Syringe.

2. Pull back the safety sheath and remove the needle cap.

3. Follow your institution’s policy on medication draw-up and administration.

For your convenience, SOL-CARE® Safety Needle bevel-up position is oriented to the safety sheath. So when the safety sheath is up, the bevel of the needle is up as well. This allows for low angle injection.

Patent Locking design – the needle is securely covered by the sheath. Integrated & Indurative safety sheath – Secure the safety cover of the used needle to prevent needlestick exposure.

Press down against the flat surface until an audible “click” is heard. OR, you could place your thumb on the finger pad and push the sheath over the needle until an audible “click” is heard. Both ways can immediately activate the safety mechanism.

You can visually confirm that the needle is completely covered by the safety sheath. An audible “click” is heard after activated. Both ways can make sure you activate the mechanism.

Yes. It is latex free.

Yes. It only requires single hand activation.

Yes. The standard hub is compatible with all standard lure lock and lure slip syringes.

Yes. Bevel up oriented needle makes injection more convenience and allows for low-angle injections.

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