SOL-M™ Pen Needle

SOL-M™ Pen Needles are compatible with insulin pen devices available on the market according to ISO 11608-2, list available on demand.

SOL-M™ Pen Needles ensure precise insulin flow, gentle penetration, while also minimizing pain perception.

Product Specification

Product-Code Description Color Code Units per Case Units per Box
N42008 33G x 5/32”(4mm) Aquamarine blue 1200 100
N42007 32G x 5/32”(4mm) Green 1200 100
N42009 32G x 3/16”(5mm) Lavender 1200 100
N42005 31G x 5/32”(4mm) Emerald green 1200 100
N42004 31G x 3/16”(5mm) Purple 1200 100
N42002 31G x 15/64”(6mm) Orange 1200 100
N42003 31G x 5/16”(8mm) Blue 1200 100
N42001 30G x 5/16”(8mm) Yellow 1200 100
N42006 29G x 1/2”(12.5mm) Pink 1200 100


  • Standard thread connection.

  • Double protection cap.

  • The depth of the subcutaneous tissue influences the choice of the injective device and the needle length.

  • Shorter needle can avoid the risk of injecting into muscle and less painful with minimum puncture.

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