SOL-MILLENNIUM Medical Group is a global healthcare company dedicated to the research and development, manufacture and distribution of high quality medical devices that support best clinical practice whilst protecting healthcare workers (and their patients) from the risks associated with needlestick injury

  • 1982 The Beginning
    This is where it all started thanks to Mr. Lin Zuoqian and his expertise in the field of precision plastic mould manufacturing
  • 2003 First Safety Syringe
    We successfully patented our first safety-engineered device which set the stage for our ongoing commitment to patient and healthcare worker safety
  • 2009 Extending our Reachh
    In 2009, we entered the US and Brazil markets - a key milestone in our ambition to become a truly global organisation
  • 2012 System Exclusive NO GAP
    Demonstrating our emphasis on quality, innovation and continuous improvement with the launch of our unique 'NO-GAP' syringe design
  • 2016 Investing in Our Future
    We established our new Swiss R&D Centre dedicated to developing new technologies that will complement and enrich our product portfolio


Building a Healthier Tomorrow.
It is a promise we made to our customers and the society. We will continually protect the safety of healthcare workers, patients and the environment by providing innovative, high quality medical devices.


Become one of the best and most innovative medical device companies in the world.


With R&D Centres based in Asia and Europe, we have a rich pipeline of new product innovation, and ambitious plans to grow our brands and our business.

Close collaboration with frontline healthcare professionals is critical to the way we work – by sharing knowledge and ideas together we continuously improve our offer and work toward our goal of ‘Building a Heathier Tomorrow’.


We currently manufacture a range of safety syringes and needles under the SOL-CARE and SOL-GUARD brands. We also produce syringes and needles for the veterinary industry under the SOL-VET line of products, as well as an extensive range of standard (non-safety) needles and syringes. Our products are available through our distribution network worldwide.
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SOL-MILLENNIUM is a global entity with offices throughout the world

Head Quarter


North and Central America


Europa, Middle East and Africa


South America

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Asia Pacific



SOL-MILLENNIUM is headquartered in Chicago.

Originally a leading producer of plastic molds for the global medical industry – we were the first syringe mold producer in China and now supply over 60% of China’s syringe mold needs, as well exporting globally.

This background sets the stage for our current focus in developing high quality and affordable safety medical devices across multiple disciplines, including medical systems, diagnostics and animal health.

We currently operate two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in China and R&D Centers in both Shanghai and Switzerland.

We have global presence with sales and marketing offices in Brazil, Poland and USA.